Megan Jones
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New work. Working title: The lost man

This  series is inspired by Judith Wright’s poem ‘The lost man’. The poem, though based on a real-life incident, can be read metaphorically as a comment on the vicissitudes of life, leading one inexorably to enlightenment or death (or the two simultaneously). Extending the ideas in the poem, I consider in this series the nature of the issues inherent in being human, and present these considerations symbolically or metaphorically. In so doing, I am also guided by the poetry of T S Eliot, Lao Tzu and Rumi, all of whom reflect philosophically on the nature and meaning of life.

The rose here symbolizes a human being, traversing the symbolic landscapes of life.

Here or there?
As above, so below
That last and faceless pool
In order to arrive at what you are not you must go through the way in which you are not
Blessings from the gods lie concealed within distorted circumstances
We are only undefeated because we have gone on trying
Loaded down and tired I have no place to go home
Gazing into muddy water you will not see the moon or the sun
Be foolishly in love for love is all there is
Eat the grapes. Do not keep talking about the garden.
If you came this way.. starting from would always be the same