Megan Jones
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Solo exhibition 2006: 'Conversations with Bruno Schulz'

In this series I have reacted to short stories written by Bruno Schulz ( Poland, 1892-1942) from the book 'Sanatorium under the Sign of the Hourglass'. My response is more to the implicit themes than the surface of each story.
Bruno Schulz was fascinated by time, and the possibilities outside ordinary space and time. He also held that in childhood one could apprehend transcendental reality, as compared with the reality of everyday.
In these works I have tried to paint moments of exploration or experience that have arisen out of my encounter with Bruno Schulz. I have sought to capture the magic quality of childhood as well as the loss of innocence we all face, the moments where life is full of possibilities and the point where the heartlessness of society becomes evident.

Days of nothing
The first time
White nights
A resurrection of history
The last goodbye