Megan Jones
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Solo exhibition 2012:  Speleology in the cave of Mnemosyne

‘We are our memories- but one of the big mysteries is how memory makes us who we are’.

Memory plays a key role in identity formation, as well as in fear, anxiety and great joy. Memory is clearly related to consciousness, and cannot be separated from it. It involves the recollection of something from the past, and with this a sense of ‘pastness’ and also of continuity in the same body. Memory exists in time, where the present is continually becoming the past.  Searching our own memories helps us to understand who we are.

And understanding who we are as individuals and what memories we share links us with others.

This series is an exploration of my own memory- and hence identity. Some memories included are really happy, and some decidedly unpleasant. Both are important for our sense of self. Memories have been chosen because they have a strong emotional content, or because they have an associative relationship with other memories. In this way the total series functions as a self portrait and also mirrors the way autobiographical memory operates in the brain and mind. In the actual exhibition, like the ancient Greek rhetoricians who made use of the 'arts of memory', I group works using visual and spatial cues, giving the exhibition the aspect of an installation.


Girls' games
The uninvited
Senior Executive survival kit
River of life
The tricycle
Just walking
Reading room
The meaning of stars
Night swimming
Tasmanian morning