Megan Jones
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Solo exhibition 2013: Sila in flux

The word 'sila' in the Greenlandic language refers both to consciousness and to the world outside, that is, the environment, air, weather etc. But in Greenland both are changing.

Greenland's icecap is melting, and global warming is occurring faster there than in other parts of the world. Also Greenlandic society is changing- particularly since the 1950's when Denmark instituted a programme of rapid modernisation and urbanisation . As a result, the contrasts between traditional and contemporary lifestyles are marked. In the snow, hunters' sleds lie beside four wheel drives, but the hunting season is shorter now due to a reduction in sea ice. Consequently, fishing has largely replaced hunting, but is being forced further north due to climate change. A modern technological lifestyle has no use for traditional skills, so that suicide and alcoholism become sadly ineffectual responses to developmental pressure. And the people of this almost pristine environment are affected by industrial contamination from Europe and America, and will possibly be more so as mining, oil exploration and shipping increase.

Despite this, young people look towards an easier and more comfortable future, one no longer requiring the skills to survive against the elements.

As global warming progresses, however, the power of nature may yet defeat mankind's attempt to dominate it. 

No ears for Sila
To the victor the spoils
Does my soul look big in this?
Nothing to eat
The spoiled
Sila's soldiers
Better to have death and light, than darkness and immortality
Almost warm enough for swimming
Burning scrap
Ice fishing
Arctic life
Inside work is warmer